Self-Storage Melbourne

Self Storage Melbourne

To help accommodate your belongings during your move, Melbourne Storage now provides self storage facilities, whether you need it for temporary or permanent period. We use a standard seven cubic meter boxes to store your goods safely as long as you want it to store. We are committed in providing clean and secure storage at a reasonable price, at the same time ensuring exceptional customer service. You can move you belongings into storage yourself. Our storage units are now open for personal and business use.

For convenience and peace of mind, each of our storage unit is equipped with CCTV surveillance video cameras 24/7 and onsite security guards are deployed so that your items stay protected till the time they are with us. Since self storage facilities are susceptible to pest infections, we follow a professional pest control system on a regular basis so that your goods do not get damaged. Not only this, our units are temperature regulated which can prevent any kind damage if your valuable goods are stored for lengthy period of time. We use a standard seven cubic meter boxes to store your goods safely as long as you want it to store. Ideal to store your belongings safely, the boxes are made of high quality materials and they are easy to handle, move during transit.

Each unit is locked and protected by guards 24/7. Only our customers have access to storage units using their personal lock and key. As our esteemed client, you can enjoy access at any time of the day without any other assistance. If you want to access your unit, all you have to do is inform us in advance so that we keep things ready for you. No other third person have access to storage units, except for our clients.

Need assistance in figuring out how storage space you will require? Now you can use our volume estimator tool that will act as a guide for your storage space needs. Looking for storage space? We are here to help whether your storage needs are large or small. Have any questions regarding self storage. Just give us a call or you can also email us. We would love to help you in relocation, storage and moving house!