Packing Supplies Melbourne

At Cheap Melbourne Storage, we want to make your packing process simple to get ready for the big day. For this purpose, we offer packing-supplies and we are an ultimate source for all your packing needs. 

Our packing supplies are not just limited to above products, we also supply tape, paper and other packing materials at affordable prices.

If you are looking to pack your belongings efficiently, we are sure to promise great assistance through our supplies. Whatever are your requirements for DIY packing, we deliver it right at your doorstep as per your convenience! Our packing supplies are not only safe and protective but also affordable. Order packing supplies from Cheap Melbourne Sydney and save yourself from the hassle.

Following are the Packages available:

Student Pack

20 various size cartons (recycled) 1 Tape 1 Paper
This pack is for individuals. An economical pack which caters to your moving needs and accommodates all your stuff. FREE DELIVERY.


40 various size cartons (recycled) 2 Tape 3 paper
It is to cater to the needs of those who need to move a number of items like books, clothes, documents, appliances etc. FREE DELIVERY.

House Pack

70 various size cartons cartons 4 Tape 5 Paper
This pack has the most number of boxes and is for those who need to move a large number of items of different sizes. FREE DELIVERY.

Custom Pack

FREE DELIVERY (Minimum order of Student Pack)
This is a pack which can be customized depending on your moving requirements. You can choose the number of boxes, tape and paper you require.

In addition to all this, we also provide blankets on hire basis! For $50, you will have access to as many blankets as you need to wrap and fill in gaps in your storage box.

Blanket Wrap
Blanket Wrap

However, just the use of blankets may not be enough for your peace of mind. Looking for some additional peace of mind? No Problem! We can provide you with bubble wrap and shrink wrap as well – wrap your items with enough bubble wrap and shrink wrap for its safety, and it will be indestructible!

Bubble wrap is provided at only $3 a meter.
Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

Shrink wrap is provided at only $10 for an item.
Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wrap